A downloadable game

-Intro to Vast

Back when I was just getting into programming, my cousin Chris and I decided to make a space "survival" game. While it may seem unimpressive today, being built from scratch using Gamemaker by two 14 year olds isn't something to shake a space-stick at! Today, I'd just like to share a piece of my past here, free of charge!

-What is it?

Vast is a game about mining resources to sell to traders or shops. It's also about fighting enemies to gain cash! There's gaseous and solid planets... planetary ore... and unlockable weapons!


Left Click: Fire Main Weapon

Right Click: Fire Sub Weapon

Mouse Wheel: Switch Sub Weapon

to use shops, just bump 'em!

Traders will automatically buy your planetary ore.

To use upgrade or mercenary shops, use E.

I know this is a very simple game, but I wanted to share it for free for you all. If even one person enjoys this, it was worth the time! Thanks - Mike


Vast.exe 21 MB